Video Artist Francesca Costanzo’s “Complexion: Dark” to Air on PhillyCAM TV

complexion-darkDP Arts Consortium is proud to sponsor video artist Francesca Costanzo. Her short film Complexion: Dark will air on PhillyCAM TV, channels Comcast 66 and Verizon 29/30 at 1:50PM every Saturday in April.

Harry Philbrick, founder of Philadelphia Contemporary, had this to say about Complexion: Dark: “Costanzo’s film examines immigration through the lens of her grandfather and his experience coming to the United States. By including the voices of refugees and immigrants who are living today, the work compares what it’s like to be a refugee now with what it was like in the case of her grandfather, to be an immigrant from Italy in the 1920s. It reminds us that most of us in this country are immigrants, and the stories behind that are deeply personal and rooted in our families’ narratives.”

Costanzo is a video artist living and working in Philadelphia. As an artist, she has an inherent responsibility to use art as a vehicle for her voice to reach others. This is done through film and images. Her films are documentary style created to bring fundamental change within society. Her images are normally black and white to show their timelessness. Whether used as a marketing tool for individuals and small businesses, or created as a personal vehicle, her work is always meant for shaking people up!

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